Rajasthan Luxury Tours – True Spell Of Regal And Traditional Rajasthan

Visit Rajasthan on one of the Rajasthan luxury tours and unravel the majestic sights of the land that belonged to the rulers of the bygone era. Rajasthan is home to many historic cities, magnificent palaces and forts whose walls smell of the times when they were touched by the mighty kings and queens. The impressive grandeur and architecture of these forts and palaces remind the tourists of the amazing artistry and skills that local artists had put into making of the grand structures.

Visit the exotic cities of Rajasthan and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the palaces and forts, visualise deeply how the festivals were celebrated during the Rajput era and participate in the activities that animate the history vibrantly in Rajasthan. Walk through the golden sands of Great Indian Desert to experience the scorching heat of the sun during day and chill of the night that attain a life themselves and become a part of the indigene culture of brown people of Rajasthan.

The luxury Rajasthan tours take the tourists through the pride and respect of the beautiful state in just a matter of days. The luxury tours include travelling to amazing places like the Pink City of India: Jaipur, Pushkar, Bikaner, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and many more. To make it comfortable for the tourists, the luxury tour packages include accommodating the tourists in some of the most well known luxury heritage hotels in the respective places.

The royal Rajasthan tours are a paradigm of charging energy in expression, a plot of ingenuity and beauty. The land of kings stands tall as a representative of all the regal legends reverberating in the opulence and resilience of beautiful monuments, havelis, palaces, and forts. The regal grandeur helps the tourists to come close to the imperial lifestyle as well as hospitality in some of the most renowned heritage hotels spread across the state.

Tour to Rajasthan is a luxurious fix, where you can admire the architecture and frescoes of magnificent Havelis, take part in local fairs and festivals, shopping in the colourful markets buzzing with a multitude of regional handicrafts, and exploring exotic places on a came’s back. The tour can be an entirely new experience in the desert lands where the tourists would be entitled to be a part of luxurious camel caravan and perhaps even have the first taste of camel’s milk.

The picturesque dunes of Jaisalmer are a treat to the eyes. The Sun City of India, Jodhpur, is home to one of the most beautiful lakes named the Sardar Samand Lake, which makes for strikingly expressive scenery when viewed from the heights of Mehrangarh Fort.

The luxury tours of Rajasthan also offer you an opportunity to be a part of royal weddings or plan your own exotic wedding in royal Rajasthani style in one of the palaces. Newly weds can opt for luxury Rajasthan honeymoon tours and dwell in a romantic castle or a beautiful palace, where rhythm of the past yet dwells in the present. Watching the magical sunset in the sand dunes of Thar Desert, with the sky set ablaze in a profusion of colours will probably become a part of your rare and most cherished memories for a long time to come.