Enjoy An Array Of Cultures At The 2013 Folkfaro Festival

Many people go straight from the airport at Faro to Albufeira, without realizing all Faro has to offer as a destination in terms of wonderful Portuguese culture. In August, the coastal town hosts an annual festival that, for nine days, celebrates folk music from all over the world. This festival is recognized by COIFF, an international council of organizations of Folklore arts, which is associated with UNESCO and promotes international peace.

FolkFaro is one of the favourite events amongst people who arrive at the airport to take the transfer from Faro to Albufeira. Many choose to stay a few days in the town specifically to experience this wonderful and vibrant festival. Folk dancers and musicians from countries such as Brazil, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and many more have been featured in this festival over the past few years. New participants for this year include Georgia, India, and Venezuela.

There are usually about 300 different artists featured, which means everyone can find a type of music or dancing they enjoy. The festival exposes people to the cultures and traditions of different countries and strengthens the friendship bonds between those places while also educating them about the respective destinations. The frivolity is a welcome reprieve during the hot August days, providing some diversion from the often-fierce heat of the hottest time of the year. From August 17th-25th, people can enjoy the wonderful cultures of the countries being featured, as well as the renowned Portuguese hospitality.

The people of Faro are very welcoming to visitors of the FaroFestival, due to the volume of business it brings to the town. There are open-air performances, galas, interactive dance workshops, entertainment for children, and much more. It is the perfect event for a family looking for an exciting diversion.

Faro is the capital of the Algarve region and is filled with history and beautiful Iberian influenced architecture. After the festival, before taking the transfer from Faro to Albufeira, make sure you take the time check out the amazing cobblestoned streets and try some of the delicious seafood featured in many restaurants. There are also opportunities to take boat trips to the nearby Rio Formosa Nature Reserve for a change of scenery.

The fabulous beaches, rich culture, and exciting events appeal to every kind of holidaymaker and luckily they are found at very decent prices – the FolkFaro festival tickets are available for around just 10€.

There is something about the Algarve region that continues to attract people year after year. Many take the convenient transfer from the airport at Faro to Albufeira immediately, but those who stay to enjoy the delightful town of Faro for a few days will not be disappointed.