A Real Adventure and Amazing Travel Experience of Markha Terk in India

The Markha Valley is one of the most beautiful trekking valleys in the region of Ladakh. This green oasis gives a breath taking view of the snow capped Korakoram Mountains. Famous due to Markha Valley Treks, this region offers travel enthusiasts an enthralling short trekking trip along the high passes of the beautiful mountains surrounded with deep gorges and arid landscapes. Covered with bright colors of mustard and barley plants this place offers spectacular views of the Indian subcontinent to the tourists in a Ladakh trek. So if you are one of those who want to explore to the limits an adventure tour in India, this Himalayan region known as the “Little Tibet” is the best place to be.

The real adventure and amazing travel experience of Markha Terk in India is sensed when you face some of the core daredevil challenges thrown by this uneven terrain situated at 5, 150 m of height. In fact, Markha Trekking majorly involves hiking at a medium to high elevations of the region, and so you need to have a greater level of physical fitness. The more physically fit you are, the more you will enjoy Markha Treking in India. Adding to this, the Markha trekking tour in India even has much more to offer. Perhaps, the place even provides numerous opportunities where you can indulge yourself in numerous options and have maximum excitement.

Since winters in Ladakh are extremely cold with maximum temperature being fifteen degrees Celsius, the best time for you to do Markha Valley trek is between the months of September to December. You should make sure to pack your bags with sufficient medicines, food and warm clothing to last the entire trekking trip since you may not find these essentials once you have started the trek. If you purchase one of the adventure tour packages, make sure they provide you with all necessary camping equipments needed while hiking on the Markha Terk.

Your tour of India in Himalayan region is just incomplete without experiencing the real adventure of Markha Trekking. This place can definitely give you the ultimate experience of some of the roughest trekking tours at the backdrop of most serene and exuberating nature. Moreover, the presence of local Buddhist cultures and the colorful Buddhist monasteries will further add up to the memories of your adventure tour of India which you will cherish through out your entire life.

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